Our next Conference: September 16-17, 2019

ReNew 2018


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Held at Queens Hotel in Leeds, 17 - 18 September 2018.

The Apostle Paul considers it a key to gospel advance that members of the Philippian church ‘strive side by side for the faith of the gospel’.  The active engagement of every member of our churches in the great work of gospel proclamation is essential for the healthy advance of God's saving truth in this nation.

I am delighted that the theme of this year’s ReNew Conference is ‘Mobilise! Every Member Ministry’.  The aim is to strengthen us in our work of leading healthy local Anglican churches where all members see themselves as partners both in holding out and holding onto the glorious saving gospel of the Lord Jesus.

It will be an ideal conference to which to bring senior lay leaders and team members as we continue to work towards our goal of a nation of healthy, local Anglican churches.  I very much look forward to seeing you there.

William Taylor,
Chairman of ReNew


Peter Jensen

Peter is the former principal of Moore College and former Archbishop of Sydney.  He is currently serving as General Secretary of the GAFCON movement and also as co-editor of the Reformed Theological Review. Peter is married to Christine, they have five children and 25 grandchildren.

Richard Coekin

Richard is the Senior Minister of Dundonald church.  He has been involved in launching numerous churches and other ministries, such as the Co-Mission Church Planting Initiative, the London Mens’ and Womens’ Conventions, and the 9:38 Ministry Training Strategy.  He is author of several books including Our Father, Gospel DNA, and Ephesians For You.

Lee Gatiss

Dr Lee Gatiss is Director of The Church Society, and has served at churches including St Ebbes, Oxford, and St Helens Bishopsgate, London.  He is the author of For Us and Our Salvation and editor of The NIV Proclamation Bible.  He is married to Kerry and they have three children.

Other Speakers and Leaders

Andy Lines, Lee McMunn, Karen Soole, William Taylor, Rod Thomas, and Andrew Towner.



1000    Registration Opens

1100    Bible Reading 1

1145    5 Year Review of ReNew

1300    Lunch

1400    Chairman's Address

1440    The Priesthood of All Believers

1530    Break

1600    What makes us Anglican?

1700    Coaching Session 1

1800    Break

1830    Drinks

1900    Dinner


0900    Bible Reading 2

1000    Every Member Ministry Case Studies

1045    Break

1130    Coaching Session 2

1240    Mobilise

1345    Lunch and Depart

Coaching Sessions


Applying for Incumbencies - Dick Farr w/ Richard Nicholson & Chris Kilgour
For curates, assistant ministers & senior ministers considering moving on.  Advice on how to be aware of opportunities, the application process, how to 'weigh' different opportunities, and how to apply & interview well (including for non-evangelical parishes).

Recruiting future Gospel Ministers - Ed Pennington & Neil Barber
How to identify/select, nurture & train future gospel workers from your church whether in the Church of England or AMiE.  What can a local church do to train potential ministers before theological college?

Establishing a Healthy Local Church - Andy Byfield & Philip de Grey Warter w/ James Hughes & Pete Jackson
Key principles from the New Testament for health in the local church with examples/illustrations from local church experience.  Also advice on how to establish a church so it is not just the minister supporting the ReNew Commitment but the whole church.

Being effective in the Church of England - Charlie Skrine & Jane Patterson
How to be effective in pioneering, establishing, and securing healthy local Anglican churches while remaining in the Church of England including positive engagement where that is possible and/or unavoidable avoidance where that is necessary.  This will include working together with others in the diocese to ensure gospel work continues on the ground.

Partnering with AMiE to Plant Churches - Andy Lines & Lee McMunn
Why partner with AMiE, when to do so, and how?  This will include how to become an AMiE church, an AMiE supporting church, and how to plant an AMiE church while the planting church remains inside the Church of England.


Recruiting and Training Lay Leaders - Brian Elfick & Clive Hawkins
How to identify & recruit people to serve, training them appropriately, & giving them both tasks and authority for the variety of ministry in the local church.

From Newcomer to Gospel Partner - George Crowder & Matt Fuller
A strategy for ‘vine’ work on how to evangelise and grow people in Christian maturity from the moment they first arrive at your church.

Mobilising Women in Word Ministry
How to train & encourage women in the local church to serve as female disciple-making disciples.

Mobilising Men in Word Ministry - Tim Hanson & Richard Alldritt
How to train & encourage men in the local church to serve as male disciple-making disciples.

Being the best PCC member I can be
Helping lay leaders know the relevant legislation and role of PCC members, and how best to serve their church as a PCC member.


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£200 per person in SINGLE bedroom (STANDARD from 15 July onwards)
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