Our next Conference: September 16-17, 2019

ReNew Agenda

ReNew Agenda

In the last days, compelled by the gospel, under God we aim to pioneer, establish and secure churches. 


Pioneering means both planting healthy local churches inside and outside the Church of England and enabling faithful ministers to be appointed to Church of England churches in order to revitalise them. Both involve:

  • prayerfully selecting a place/church
  • making wise decisions on the appropriate model to adopt
  • humbly seeking local gospel partnership
  • writing a plan, setting a budget and raising funds


As soon as a church is pioneered, the minister will seek to establish faithful Biblical ministry by establishing:

  • prayerful, expository Bible teaching in all areas of the church’s life
  • ministries that are effective in maturing disciple-making disciples
  • intentional recruiting and training of future leaders
  • a shared understanding across the church of the gospel, gospel ministry, and gospel partnership
  • a willingness across the core leadership to pursue the priorities identified in this ReNew agenda and to contend for gospel truth


While continuing to pioneer and establish, churches will seek to secure succession of ministry by being united around:

  • contending for the faith once delivered for all the saints
  • an agreed church profile
  • a clear understanding of the succession process, rights and responsibilities, and a readiness to stand their ground in the face of opposition
  • recruiting a minister who will actively pursue the ReNew agenda

This work of pioneering, establishing and securing will involve sacrifice. But we commit ourselves to it, out of love for the Lord Jesus, who gave himself for us.

To download a printable copy of the ReNew Agenda click here.