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About the Role

We are looking for a full-time parish priest to be rector in our ethnically and culturally diverse inner-city parish. This is an exciting opportunity for someone to shape a role in our community, bringing your specialist skills to complement your duties as our Parish Priest. We have a strong central to modern catholic style of worship and would want our new priest to be in this tradition. We are looking for someone who will work to develop our worship and encourage us in faith and look at ways to grow our congregation. 

We additionally need someone who can develop links with the wider community, with other churches and faith groups and encourage our social participation.We would like someone who will bring initiative and their own ideas, find creative ways to work with our partners, in particular Aston-Mansfield and the Froud Centre, and who will look at our strengths and assets and find the best ways for us to use our gifts.

We work in a community that has many social challenges and we want someone who is able to work with vulnerable members of society. Someone who recognises the issues and looks for innovative ways to help. We want someone who is able to build on the work we have done in the local community, especially the links with local schools and our support of the Foodbank.

In addition to St Michael's, which forms part of the Froud Centre in the bustling Romford Road, we are rightly proud of St Mary’s, a Grade 1 listed chapel in the heart of East London. Clearly, we will want our priest to be someone who recognises and promotes it both as a place of worship and as an historic building in addition to the work at St Michael's.

Closing Date: 1 May2019