Future Leaders Conference: January 10-12, 2020


2018 Conference Book Suggestions

By Latimer Trust, 02 Oct 2018

For the 2018 conference, Latimer Trust suggested the below books to match the Coaching Sessions & theme.

Applying for Incumbencies - Remember your Leaders
Recruiting future Gospel Ministers - As it is written
Establishing a Healthy Local Church – True Devotion
Being effective in the Church of England - Truth and Unity in Christian Fellowship
Partnering with AMiE to Plant Churches - Truth and Unity in Christian Fellowship
Recruiting and Training Lay Leaders - Ministry under the Microscope
From Newcomer to Gospel Partner - Tend my Sheep
Mobilising Women in Word Ministry - Tend my Sheep
Mobilising Men in Word Ministry - Tend my Sheep
Being the best PCC member I can be – Remember your Leaders

The main book they suggested for the whole Conference was 'Ministry under the Microscope' by Allan Chapple, to compliment 'Mobilise! Every Member Ministry'.

"It is not often that we make a book a “must read” for the St Helen's Bishopsgate staff team. We did it for Allan Chapple’s “True Devotion” and we shall be doing it for his latest book “Ministry Under the Microscope”. Allan Chapple examines the basis, setting, source, and focus of Christian Ministry. Most valuable of all is the strong and clear Biblical reflection under each of these headings. I don’t know of anything quite like this book. Not only have I gained immense personal benefit from reading it, but I look forward to our whole staff team doing the same."

William Taylor
ReNew Chairman