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Church Planting Guide

By Stewardship, 10 Dec 2018

When it comes to church planting and pioneering, Stewardship deal with the details so that you can focus on the vision.

Naturally, at the early stages of church planting and pioneering your primary concern is advancing the Kingdom of God.

The financial infrastructure that underpins your new church plant can often become burdensome. That's where Stewardship can help with things like:

  • Raising personal financial support for your role 
  • Forming a charity
  • Training trustees and support for treasurers
  • Managing fundraising, giving and Gift Aid 
  • Managing accounts and money
  • Employment and HR, policies and risk assessment

We believe that every new church or charity should have the best expert advice and support right from the start, and our Church Planting and Pioneering Guide will help you to create an excellent technical and financial base for your growing ministry.

Whatever stage you are at, and whatever barriers you are facing, we are here to assist; with a range of services and expert advice at your fingertips. 

download The guide

Contact the Stewardship church planting team:

John Keskeys
Head of Partnerships
020 8502 8585