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2018 Conference Book Suggestions

By Latimer Trust, 02 Oct 2018

For the 2018 conference, Latimer Trust suggested the below books to match the Coaching Sessions & theme. Applying for Incumbencies - Remember your Leaders Recruiting future Gospel Ministers - As it is written Establishing a Healthy Local Church – True Devotion Being effective in the Church of England - Truth and Unity in Christian Fellowship Partnering with AMiE to...

Recruiting and Training Lay Leaders

By Brian Elfick & Clive Hawkins, 18 Sep 2018

Brian Elfick (St Philemons Church Toxteth) & Clive Hawkins (St Mary's Eastrop, Basingstoke) ran the session Recruiting and Training Lay Leaders at our 2018 conference (Mobilise! Every Member Ministry). How to identify & recruit people to serve, training them appropriately, & giving them both tasks and authority for the...

Mobilising Women in Word Ministry

By Carrie Sandom, 18 Sep 2018

A panel session from the 2018 Conference (Mobilise! Every Member Ministry) on Mobilising Women in Word Ministry.

Chaired by Carrie Sandom (St John's Church, Tunbridge Wells)

Panelists include:
Charlotte Cornes (Hoy Trinity, Lyonsdown)
Karen Soole (Trinity Lancaster)
Andy Byfield (Moulton Parish Church)
Johnny Juckes (Oak Hill)

From Newcomer to Gospel Partner

By George Crowder & Richard Bray, 18 Sep 2018

George Crowder (St John Over) & Richard Bray (St Anne's Limehouse) ran the session From Newcomer to Gospel Partner at our 2018 conference (Mobilise! Every Member Ministry). A strategy for ‘vine’ work on how to evangelise and grow people in Christian maturity from the moment they first...

Recruiting future Gospel Ministers - Handout

By Neil Barber & Ed Pennington, 17 Sep 2018

Neil Barber (St Giles' Church Derby) & Ed Pennington (Christ Church Endcliffe) ran the session Recruiting future Gospel Ministers session at our 2018 conference (Mobilise! Every Member Ministry). How to identify/select, nurture & train future gospel workers from your church whether in the Church of England or AMiE.  What can a local...

Winning and Leading Teams

By ReNew Administrator, 20 Sep 2016

A Coaching Session on Winning & Leading People / Teams / PCCs

Handout available here

Setting a Vision for your Church

By ReNew Administrator, 20 Sep 2016

Seminar content from ReNew 2016 on Setting a Vision for your Church by Richard Coekin.

Outline available here.

Powerpoint available here.