September 18-19, 2017

September 18-19, 2017

The Queens Hotel, Leeds

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ReNew is advancing Anglican Evangelical ministries for the salvation of England.

Statement of Faith

Our September 2017 Event ~ Gospel Advance

There are significant encouragements and numerous examples of churches and regions forging ahead with the ReNew commitment. Yet, within the Church of England there are great challenges: doctrinal, ethical, and practical.

The task – to work for a nation of healthy local churches  could not be more important.
The need  a nation lost without Christ, and a denomination in which 'every man does what is right in his own eyes' could not be greater.

This year's ReNew conference is called Gospel Advance. We remain convinced of the value of Anglican Evangelical ministry and are determined to advance it both within and outside the Church of England.

In September we shall be considering together how each region advances the gospel, as we pursue our goal of pioneering, establishing, and securing healthy local Anglican churches.

Our major theological theme at the conference will be the Atonement, and Christopher Ash will be our speaker. Other contributors will include Sam Allberry, George Crowder, Matthew Mason, Vaughan Roberts, Rob Scott, Glen Scrivener, Robin Weekes, and Paul Williams. We shall also be hearing from a number of churches where bold and innovative evangelistic initiatives are taking place.

Together we shall explore the implications, in each region, of an important paper by Mark Burkill and Peter Sanlon on the limits of fellowship and how broken fellowship could be expressed.

I look forward to seeing you in Leeds this September.

William Taylor, Chairman, ReNew.